Founder and Chief Interior Designer, Georgia K., has had a lifelong passion for beautiful homes and gorgeous home interiors. Her natural flair for home presentation has resulted in over 15 years of successful home staging projects and property makeovers throughout the Melbourne region.
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Designing Your Home Office

A Guide For All Your Home Office Ideas As we enter a post-covid world, some of us have transitioned to a work-from-home life. While we grapple with this new reality, one important aspect of working from home is the space in which we conduct our zoom meetings and/or get inspired to complete those overdue projects. I’ve come up with some ideas on creating the ideal space for a home office that will hopefully inspire you and help you get through lockdown. Keep...

Designing Your Living Room

  Tips on how to redesign your living room space Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, people around the world are mostly staying home. To say that we are all coping well is polarising given the level of comfort one feels at home. For us fortunate enough to have space, staring at the same four walls may start to feel dreary. But before you reach for the paintbrush, here are some styling ideas for your living room that may help beat the isolation blues. Follow these...

Sleeping Beauty – 3 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Haven

  3 things to focus on in the bedroom this Autumn     Colour Okay don’t freak out. We’re not telling you to paint your walls bright red (Unless you love that idea, in which case, GO FOR IT) But colour is the best way to make your bedroom feel more… ‘You’ We’ve found two best ways to use colour - especially when staging a home for sale. 1.Use subtleties. Your walls make up your room, so let’s include them in this section! We recommend keeping your walls...

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Ten Tips For A Successful Sale

The following home styling tips will  help you begin the process of improving your home for sale. De-clutter: Clutter, mess, and its subsequent lack of space can have very negative effects on potential buyers. Most people won’t be able to imagine the home as their own, and they may think the space isn’t as large as it actually is. Depersonalise: Your goal is to ‘neutralise’ the home so buyers can see themselves living there in the future. Intense Cleaning: Ensure floors, carpets, windows, bathrooms,...