Founder and Chief Interior Designer, Georgia K., has had a lifelong passion for beautiful homes and gorgeous home interiors. Her natural flair for home presentation has resulted in over 15 years of successful home staging projects and property makeovers throughout the Melbourne region.
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Designing Your Home Office

A Guide For All Your Home Office Ideas As we enter a post-covid world, some of us have transitioned to a work-from-home life. While we grapple with this new reality, one important aspect of working from home is the space in which we conduct our zoom meetings and/or get inspired to complete those overdue projects. I’ve come up with some ideas on creating the ideal space for a home office that will hopefully inspire you and help you get through lockdown. Keep...

how to set your table

Table Settings – 5 Steps To A Stylish Soiree

The idea of entertaining can be overwhelming. What to cook? Which drinks to make? We may not be able to help you with your menu plan, but we do know about style. As it’s the season to be merry, let’s get your home summer ready. Follow our 5 simple steps to perfect your table settings and entertain in style, no matter the occasion! 1. Today I want to be.. Decide on the look and feel for your event Pictured: (Top to bottom) Designs...

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5 Style Lessons – From Hotels Around The World

5 Interior Design Tips - From Hotels Around The World After enjoying the most blissful summer holiday in Europe and the UAE (sorry, I don’t mean to rub it in), I was both overjoyed and underwhelmed with many hotel rooms. And why is that? It all came down to one reason. Poor decision making and not a lack of money. So here are the top 5 style lessons learnt from my holiday vacay that you can apply to your own home. Top...


Bathrooms – Affordable luxury edition

With so many fixed elements; tiles, tubs, taps etc, you may feel there’s not much left to do to complete your bathroom. Yet all these hard items need to be softened. So how can you diminish the hard lines and add flair to one of the smaller rooms in your home? The following styling tips will help make your bathroom feel more enticing, luxurious and warm this winter. Stack, layer and group Layering items create a sense of opulence. Stack towels, with a...


Consoles – 5 Steps To Style Yours Perfectly

Have you noticed a change occurring in the modern home? With open plan living, consoles are no longer restricted to the hallway. Look further and add a console besides a lounge, in front of a window, or as an alternative workspace. Now you’ve found a place for your sideboard, how do you achieve that elusive look that warrants more than a quick sideways look? No matter your personal taste; traditional, Nordic, Hamptons, Industrial..follow our 5 steps to style your console like...

Living Room Style – What Does Yours Say About You?

At Designs to Inspire, we believe your home speaks volumes about your personality and has the trans-formative power to help create the lifestyle you want to lead. As the living room is a key room always on display, we give you a glimpse into some of our designer’s favourite living room styles and at the same time, reveal part of their personalities. In this blog we share how you can recreate a similar look. Read on and if you’ve had...