Founder and Chief Interior Designer, Georgia K., has had a lifelong passion for beautiful homes and gorgeous home interiors. Her natural flair for home presentation has resulted in over 15 years of successful home staging projects and property makeovers throughout the Melbourne region.
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New Looks You Need To Try This New Year

With the New Year, it’s time for new beginnings. And why not give your home a makeover with new looks to set the scene for your best year yet? At Designs to Inspire, we bring you the latest house design trends to give your home a lift in 2017. New Looks - Colour uplifts Colour continues to uplift, inspire and set the mood in a space. Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 is Greenery. It reflects the re connection we seek with...

How To Create Your Designer Bedroom

How do you create a boudoir fit for a queen? Our styling guru and cushion artiste, Georgia K, imparts her expertise to help you create the designer bedroom of your dreams. Key ingredients for your designer bedroom 1. Frame the bed The most expensive element to your bedroom is the bed, and its style dictates the look and feel of the entire room. Yet you can make your own affordable upholstered bed head for under $100, depending on the choice of fabric. If you...

DIY Styling

Common Mistakes To Avoid When DIY Styling Your Home

Popular series like The Block, Renovation Rescue and Masters of Flip illustrate how beautifully styled homes can attract premium prices. After watching these shows, a makeover seems like a task that’s easy to undertake, yet the reality is harder than it looks. Designs to Inspire style up to 3 properties a day and have some expert tips to avoid common DIY styling mistakes: Positioning furniture  Arrange furniture to allow for people to walk comfortably through a home. There’s nothing worse than knocking into...

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Ten Tips For A Successful Sale

The following home styling tips will  help you begin the process of improving your home for sale. De-clutter: Clutter, mess, and its subsequent lack of space can have very negative effects on potential buyers. Most people won’t be able to imagine the home as their own, and they may think the space isn’t as large as it actually is. Depersonalise: Your goal is to ‘neutralise’ the home so buyers can see themselves living there in the future. Intense Cleaning: Ensure floors, carpets, windows, bathrooms,...

Design rules

An Inspiring Home – 5 Design Rules To Follow

What makes a home unforgettable? Are there secret ways to create the ‘wow’ factor?  These are some of the questions I am often asked. While there are no magical formulas that would transform your house into the crème de la crème of homes, I would like to share the design rules that I go by, to help you create an inspiring home. Then over the next few months, we will delve deeper into design fundamentals and show you how to...